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Last month I taught Crazy Quilting at a local shop to a group of 4 students. We all had great fun and some lovely work was produced. I took my camera but unfortunately left the XD in my card reader at home so was unable to take any pictures on the day.

One of the students, Maggie, e-mailed me afterwards to ask where I had bought some of the embellisments we used on our blocks. We agreed to meet for a Girl’s Day Out to go shopping for bits and pieces.

Today was the day! Maggie arrived at 10.30am and was kissed and cuddled by the dogs while we waited for my son to get ready for work. (I am chief chauffeur around here!)

While we waited, Maggie produced her (almost) finished block, so I grabbed the opportunity to take a shot of it to share with you. 

Maggie's 1st Crazy Quilt Block

Maggie's 1st Crazy Quilt Block

Then we headed off to the local craft and garden centre. We browsed the complete craft section, often falling in love with the same colors and products. Maggie is a keen card maker as well as a needlewoman and she found plenty to stock up with.

In the photo below she is showing me some cute little bees that would look great on her block.


Bee happy! These little bees will look right at home on Maggie's block

After filling our basket we stopped for some light refreshments in the cafe and then headed for the fabric shop in town. Having cleared them out of calico (muslin) to use for her next blocks, we eventually headed home.

I don’t think this will be the only day we spend together! In fact I know that I will see Maggie again on the 29th November when she is attending my Hardanger class at the same shop. See you soon Maggie…


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For my next contribution to Connie’s Under the Sea crazy quilt block I stitched a little hermit crab.

Just four stitches are used in this little hermit crab.

Just four stitches are used in this little hermit crab.

I picked a salmon coloured perle 5 for his body and front claws. Then I added two lazy daisy stitches for his eyes. Chain stitched was used for his other legs.

I then picked a variegated thread for his shell. This I worked in blanket stitch, making each row shorter until I got to the top.

No pattern, just made him up as I went along. I love seeing how things turn out, and it isn’t always what I saw in my mind’s eye before I started.

Now to get this off in the post, I’m already a little late, oops.

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The Crazy Quilt Sampler Round Robin that I am participating in adds new stitches each time we work on a block. This time it is french knots and chevron stitch, but we can also include the stitches from previous months in our work.

After using french knots in my butterfly the other day, I decided to work a seam using chevron stitch. I picked a hand dyed silk thread in aqua and green tones. Continuing the seam past my butterfly patch, I then came back and added french knots in a salmon pink perle number 8.

I kept the stitches small beside the butterfly and then increased the size when I moved on to the next patch. I wanted to fill more space here so repeated the chevron stitch, below the first row, to form a diamond effect.

Next I added lazy-daisy stitches on top of and in between the chevrons. The salmon pink lazy-daisies were topped with a bright pink french knot and two short straight stitches in the same colour. The bright pink lazy-daisies were tied down with a longer stitch.

I haven’t decided yet whether to add something more to the patch beside this seam. Watch this space, as they say . . .

Thanks, Wendy, for letting me play with your crazy quilt block.

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I sat and doodled with the needle last night and created this little butterfly on Wendy’s crazy quilt block.

The upper wings are French knots, the body is herringbone stitch, and I used satin stitch for the lower wings. The antenna are worked in stem stitch with french knots at the ends.

My husband thought it was two bunches of flowers next to each other! Oh well, maybe its an optical illusion. What do you see?

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The next block has arrived from the Crazy Quilt round robin group. This is Wendy’s block before I add my work to it. This time around the stitches to play with are chevron and French knots.

Now I have to put my thinking cap on and see how I can use the stitches creatively on this piece. The first thing that comes to mind is a cluster of french knots in many colours, perhaps another butterfly? I will post again when the stitching is underway.

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I am taking part in a Crazy Quilt Round Robin where we practise certain stitches each month. Last month the stitches were cretan stitch and spidersweb roses.

I worked on a block belonging to Amy and the photo below shows my first section.

For my second area I used two rows of cretan stitch, in cream silk and gold metallic, then added alternate clear and gold seed beads. I finished the seam by threading a piece of dark red silk ribbon underneath the stitches.

I am now looking forward to starting work on Wendy’s block.

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