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Every now and then a link will catch my eye when I am checking my web site stats. This morning I had to go look and see why a budgie forum had linked to me. After all I run a sewing site not one about budgies!

Imagine my surprise when I read the message as below…

Spike the Budgie wins Young Cross Stitcher of the Year.

Spike, a three year old budgie was named Young Cross Stitcher of the Year in 2005 by British Cross Stitcher magazine.

Spike, owned by Sandra, was nursed back to health after suffering from a food allergy. He would sit on her shoulder for hours while she cross stitched. One day when Sandra put her needle down for a while the bird seemed to get frustrated with the lack of progress and flew down onto the fabric, picked up the needle and pushed it through the fabric! Soon he was stitching away, with no regard for the pattern or colour but obviously enjoying it thoroughly.

Well I never! I have designed cross stitch patterns of budgies but never expected a bird to be able to stitch itself.


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